Tim Hamons is a visual thinking strategist and visual storyteller.


Over the past 25 years he has worked with over 100 organisations and leadership teams across a broad range of industries including healthcare, Technology, finance and consulting, to clarify their challenges, navigate changes, and articulate future visions using maps, models and visual stories.


He has trained and consulted with over 500 professionals in 15 countries using his strategic frameworks on visual facilitation. Over the past 7 years, he has created visual strategy maps in more than 700 meetings. He is the creator of ‘Visual Facilitation Lab’, a training program that empowers leaders, and professionals with the mindset and toolset to navigate the dynamic and complex landscapes of business, leadership, and change through visual sense-making.


One of our notable clients, founder and former CEO of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma, in his closing remarks at the end of a 2-day leadership development program, invited his young leadership team to think bigger through visual stories and acknowledged Tim and his team’s work in helping them to see and create their future.


Tim would be happy to have a conversation over coffee on how you can change the world with a marker in your hand, one drawing at a time.

Timothy E Hamons|Visual Thought Leader


Session Objective

As leaders, we are expected to navigate complex terrain and steer our organizations confidently into an unknown future. Visual tools can help us to clarify current complexities, create a compelling future vision, and identify new solutions in between.

Session Introduction

9 out of 10 professionals will tell you they cant draw and so they don't, cutting themselves off from perhaps their greatest tool for thinking, communicating and problem-solving. In this hands on session, we will work with you to bust some of the barriers to thinking and working visually and demonstrate how you can use visual tools to clarify your communication in a variety of business and leadership settings including: Visioning, branding, strategising, pitching. We will introduce a simple framework for visual innovation that you can use to map out challenges and solutions. Ultimately, you will stand up and pitch your leadership idea through a visual framework and with a marker in your hand!

Key Agenda

  • Build your visual vocabulary

  • Organize and clarify your thoughts as visual models, diagrams, metaphors

  • Map your future agenda

  • Visualising moments of clarity as a leader

  • Pitch your idea using visuals

Session Tile: Visual Future Lab / Draw your Future / When in doubt, draw it out / Visual Innovation

Irene Sunshine Hamons is a committed and encouraging leader, a transformational speaker, and a visual facilitator at Art of Awakening.

She is passionate about supporting learners to apply new skills in work and life. After a 13 year career in the hospitality and tourism industry, cumulating in her last held position as the Head of Admissions, Youth Leaders Mentor and Chairman of School Events Committee for SHATEC (Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre), Irene decided to bring her experience in training and project management, together with her lifelong passion for art and creativity, and merge with a creative thinking consultancy.


In 2011, she co-founded Art of Awakening; a communication solutions consultancy employing creative and visual thinking processes and tools to support businesses and educational environments to boost learning and clarify communications. As a strong believer in the impact of visuals to the learning process, Irene and her partner developed and launch their signature programme “Visual Facilitation Lab” in 2016. The programme received Global attention and within a year, they were conducting their signature programme in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Japan and China. 


Irene consistently creates opportunities for her team and community to visual practise and providing them with extensive exposure to visual environment at events that contribute to their personal visual growth & community development. Some of her recent contribution includes IAF Asia Conference 2014 - 2019 (Singapore, Taiwan, Seoul, Osaka, KL), HR Summit 2014-2017, Tedx Ghangi Airport Group, Tedx Singapore, Tedx Pickering Street, M2020, IxDD Singapore 2018

Irene Hamons|Visual Curator


Session Objective

Breath in and Draw Out. See the BIG Picture and move forward to Vision 2020-2030. Be one of 1st Leaders in your industry that master the adaption of Visuals to consolidate ideas, efforts, facilitate strategic conversation.

Session Introduction

(1) Team Vision vs. My Vision. Learn the 5 “buckets” of Visioning, and Gap Analysis.


(2) Leader as Facilitator Learn to support conversation and facilitate capturing of outputs.

•Process vs Content

•Strategic Co-Creation

•Clarify/ Externalize / Visualize Process

•Tools for facilitative leadership

Key Agenda

  1. BIDO - Visioning, and Gap Analysis -1. current state, 2. Future desired state, 3. NPP (Needs, Purpose, Principles) 4. Gaps (whats not working), 5. Strategy (what we are doing well, what we want to keep and ways to bridge the GAP).

  2. Visual Strategy - Strategy +People, Strategy +Process, Strategy +Future/Ideation, Strategy +Customers

Session Tile: Visual Leaders - BIDO